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World Class Hydraulic Breakers


Pedestal Booms for Surface or Underground Applications


• Available in 16 and 20 foot designs
• Superior Durability
• Easy Maintenance
• High Productivity
• Low Cost


• B/D Hammers are among the most powerful and light weight breakers in their class.

• Lower oil flow requirements make it a highly efficient and reliable breaker.

• Simple structure enables easy maintenance and reduces operating cost.

• S - series is a fully enclosed structure with damping materials that reduce noise levels, in turn minimizing recoils to the machine.



More Power and Increased Efficiency:
The unique valve system, with its simple plumbing design, provides high efficiency with optimum oil flow.
These powerful, yet lightweight breakers are designed with the latest advanced technology... generating maximum
production with minimal vibration and noise.

The Bottom line: B/D hydraulic products will increase your profits, by increasing your productivity and
reducing your maintenance costs.

B/D Hammers offer superior performance and reliability as compared to other hammers in their class. Sizes range from
250 up to 15,000 ft. lbs. energy class.

Experienced product support / combined with excellent parts availability / mean minimal down time.






B/D Breaker Series